Pantheon Desktop on Debian

Pantheon Desktop for Debian are packages taken from elementary, adjusted and recompiled for usage on Debian Stretch and on Debian Buster (testing).

Pantheon Desktop packages cannot be tested as extensively as Debian Stretch/Buster, and this packages are provided on an as-is basis, with risk of incompatibilities with other components in Debian. Use with care!

The Pantheon Desktop was based under current Elementary Loki branch for Stretch, and under Elementary Juno branch for Buster. The repository located at contains:

  • a branch for stretch: stretch-loki with the following architectures:

    • amd64

    • i386
  • a branch for buster (testing): buster-juno with the following architectures:

    • amd64

    • i386

Add Pantheon Desktop to your sources.list

You can enable pantheon debian repositories by installing the pantheon-debian-repos.deb.

You can install it manually by running this:

  1. Install required dependencies if needed

    apt-get install apt-transport-https software-properties-common wget

  2. Download package file

    • for stretch:


    • for buster (testing):


  3. Install it

    • for stretch:

      dpkg -i pantheon-debian-repos_0.4-0+pantheon+stretch+loki1_all.deb

    • for buster (testing):

      dpkg -i pantheon-debian-repos_5.0-0+pantheon+buster+juno1_all.deb

  4. Update your repositories:

    apt-get update

Install pantheon desktop

To install pantheon desktop launch:

apt-get install pantheon

or to install only pantheon desktop without greeter:

apt-get install pantheon-shell

Launch pantheon desktop

To launch pantheon desktop select pantheon when launching session on greeter.

Third-party packages

The repository provides some usefull third-party packages:

  • elementary-tweaks: elementary tweaks is a system settings panel for elementary OS Loki that lets you easily and safely customise your desktop’s appearance
  • indicator-application: an indicator to take menus from applications and place them in the panel.
  • indicator-systemtray-unity: an indicator which shows the system tray in the panel.
  • indicator-multiload: a port of the gnome multiload panel applet to indicator.


Here you can download bootable live images containing a complete Debian system with Pantheon Desktop. You can use it to install or test Pantheon Desktop or as a bootable rescue system.

Debian Buster (testing) Juno Pantheon Desktop for x86_64 architectures: